Inner Work x Authentic Expression = Unavoidable Freedom

It's my belief that this life is supposed to be a free, fun and expressive one (and not without its challenges, pain and initiations of course).

It's my belief that one of the greatest freedoms of life is expressing that which feels truest to you.

Maybe you call it 'soul', 'my authentic self', 'my truth,' or 'my highest self.'

Whatever you call it, I'm here to help you live with fun, freedom, self connection and soul expression.

To live with passion and presence, play and profit, fire and flow, masculine and feminine, inner connection and the tangible material reality of lifestyle freedom.


when you know your highest value, have a vision created from your heart and soul, and let that which is greater than your mind create through you; absolute magic, flow and freedom is unavoidable.


Below are the current ways in which you can work with me.

If you'd like me to run a workshop, retreat, or event for you (as opposed to coming to mine that I put on), just holler at me through my contact form.



~ Effortless Expression ~

6 Month mentorship program


Effortless Expression is my flagship coaching program based on the patterns I saw in every client that said to me, "I want to find my voice, I want to express myself more." The solution to these patterns formed the Effortless Expression Embodiment Formula (TM really ought to be pending coz it's that badass) which is a dynamic, repeatable formula that will move you from stuck, caged, fearful and second guessing to expressing yourself with ease, trust, permission and power, and in the process creating an Unbound lifestyle from the inside out.



"I am now completely living my dream. I have never been more happy in the present while still being intensely motivated and excited for the future. I am able to relax and let things come to me while still taking the inspired action necessary to fully express myself. 


Something about working with Kristian helped facilitate a deep integration between two parts of myself which were at odds before. I had a deep sense of self knowledge but I was dead broke. When I would get a job and start making money I would often end up unhappy and stressed out. Kristian helped me finally have BOTH of these paradigms present in my life (the two good ones), money and connection. 

I came to Kristian for Business Coaching but what we ended up doing was embodiment work which was a new concept to me.

At the time I had a great sense of self connection and passion but it wasn’t translating into my bank account. At the time of our first session I was essentially dead broke, and my ‘scarcity’ mindset was keeping me from fully expressing myself and sharing my gifts with the world. 

Kristian is a radically honest, attentive, and compassionate coach. He doesn’t pull any punches and he gives you a full reflection of the truth. This is an invaluable type of person to have ‘in your corner’ so to speak. He balances intense motivation and enthusiasm with caring and genuine interest in heping you live a more unbound life. He deeply cares about the work that he does, and that is such an important quality. 

Kristian taught me that the mindset of abundance isn’t something to chase and run after, rather it’s something to experience in the present. Even when I had no money, I could feel abundance, and taking action with connection to that feeling would easily bring more money in. The important part of working with Kristian is that he doesn’t just give you these lessons on a cerebral level, but he allows them to actually sink into the depths of your being. Many concepts that I had heard and understood on a mental level, finally sunk in deeply through my work with Kristian." 

~ Ben morrison


You are able to start Effortless Expression at any time, there are no set course dates. If you feel called at all to find out more about Effortless Expression, click below and we'll set up a time to go through the program, what it includes and if it's right for you.


~ Harnessing Your Mature Playboy ~

retreat & workshop experience for men and women


Own your playful sexual nature with integrity.

Embody your own version of the Mature Playboy archetype, a very specific flavour of integration between the boundless, free spirited, flirty nature of your heart AND the electric sexual aliveness that runs through you.


Upcoming events:

Forth, Tasmania, October 22


workshop Testimonial:

"Kristian has a true gift! I cannot speak more highly of the way in which Kristian facilitates. He created a space where I I felt wholehertedly comfortable to not only explore but also embody my self expression. It was such a beautiful experience to allow what is authentically true to channel through me.

Since attending the workshop, I have noticed an effortless flow to my actions and an acknowledgement of all my feelings, both positive and negative. I am owning all parts of who I am. I have realised I am not only a nurturer but also a leader. I feel centred, grounded and empowered. I have stepped in to a leadership role and am leading in a supportive, empowering way, encouraging others to reach their full potential. I have found my voice. I have attracted lots of incredible people, experiences and opportunities in to my life as my energy is flowing naturally. I recommend this workshop to everyone. A new experience can sometimes feel confronting or abnormal. The abnormality passes when the new experience is embodied and no longer new. This workshop put a mirror up in front of my inner strength. It taught me what I had been fearful of and why.


Since attending the workshop I have dived head first in to opportunities I had previously feared. These opportunities are still scary because they mean so much to me. The difference is, I have whole heartedly jumped in to these opportunities with two feet, despite the fear I feel. The difference is an acknowledgement of my feelings and how they were effecting me. I have learnt if I have acknowledgement of my feelings, I have choice. The value of this workshop is so much more than I have described here. Thank you Kristian. My gratitude is beyond words."

~ Alice Hall, Floral stylist & Owner at Love Alice & Co.


~ Hire Me For Speaking ~

electric keynote and conference speaking


Areas in which I regularly speak on are:

  • Becoming Unbound
  • Living with flow, inspiration and soul
  • How to express and be true to yourself
  • Slowing down for better, more efficient results
  • How to be magnetic, influential and impactful
  • How to create radically deep connections
  • Masculinity and femininity
  • Letting go of others' expectations so you can hear your truth
  • My personal journey 

And of course I'm absolutely open to speaking on any other topics you may prefer. If you're interested in hiring me to speak at your conference, to your work, team or high school then please click below. 


But wait.. there's more!

Here's some things that 100% certified organic humans have said about me 


Client Testimonials

"I only met Kristian a little while ago but since then he has made a huge impact on my life. From the first time I heard him speak I knew there was no sales pitch or BS. It was all real and honest. From then I did his 'Show Up' course. I had the best time of my life and huge transformations happened every week. I know Kristian and everyone else wondered if I was even enjoying it; in truth I was loving it. Kristian is open and will not hold back when he thinks of something. That is what I love most from his approach. He is a great listener and open to any topic, anytime. I am looking forward to attending more of his courses!"

~ Alisson Sandi, 2 x World Zouk Champion & 2 x australian professional zouk champion

"Kristian taught me how to go within and find truth for myself. He introduced me to his repertoire of techniques in dealing with unproductive thoughts and beliefs. Because of Kristian's guidance I am more observant and accepting of my thoughts rather than being them and or being critical of them. I am less at the mercy of my own thoughts. I am more relaxed and find more enjoyment in activities. I feel like now I have a greater capacity to learn about myself and learn from each life event, bringing me closer towards living my potential. I feel excited for what the future holds for me whilst enjoying exactly what is in front of me now, and appreciating what I've been fortunate enough to experience already."

~ Freya Prumm, Professional Surfer 

"Kristian is the real deal, no BS and raw to the core. Most importantly, he helped me to feel love within myself and all around like I've never experienced before. Thank you Kristian!"

~ Magida Ezzat, Founder at The Unbeaten Woman, Owner at Umbrella Marketing - Funnel Queen