What kind of life is waiting for you to show up?

We all have a deep desire to be seen and heard. We all have a deep desire for freedom and aliveness. To be unrestricted and uninhibited. 

But what's constantly experienced instead is frustration, exhaustion, a life of over-doing, of frantic effort for little fruition, a life of constantly trying to get to the carrot we believe will satisfy us, enliven us, create ease, and allow us to breathe. You might find yourself asking, "When is this going to end? Will this ever be easy? Will I ever get what I want? And will I ever feel alive and free?"

If you are experiencing this or simply wish for more power, freedom, ease, play and aliveness, Show Up exists for you.

Show Up is a 6-week journey of un-cloaking the truth, power, and freedom that exists within you right now through raw, honest, explorative conversation with yourself and others.



1) We all have a deep desire to be seen and heard for who we truly feel we are. And that many people want this yet are simultaneously scared of it too. Importantly, the start of being seen and heard for who you truly are by other people, is seeing and hearing who YOU truly are first yourself. To be present to your gifts first, to be present to your truth first, to be present to your uniqueness first. And then to let them shine and be shared with the world. When you can hear yourself, you don't need to speak loud for the world to listen.

2) There is a cycle that exists. The more we connect to our whole self and Being, the more we can connect to another. And the greater we connect to others, the more we often connect to more parts of ourselves. It’s a loop that feeds itself. In my experience with myself and clients in the last 6 years, increased self-connection creates self-trust and acceptance, and these create the foundation for liberation, power, and freedom.

3) This moment is all we have. The past is gone. The future is... well... in the future. But too many people spend their lives stressing and planning for the future, trying to vision board their way to "living life on their own terms" and or are angry, resentful, and hung up on the past. Your ability to show up and be present right now directly affects your happiness, power, freedom, and aliveness. And it directly affects your ability to create anything you want, since you can only create in every Now moment. Now after Now after Now. The more we show up to meet each moment, the more each moment shows up to meet us with increased time, money, health, support, and love.



Your Show Up journey has been constructed week by week to flow and evolve just like a conversation.


Because I realized that what we're all here doing is having one continual conversation with ourselves and with others. Whether you have that conversation with the identity of a dancer, an entrepreneur, a musician, a school teacher, a CEO, an athlete, a stay-at-home mum, it doesn’t matter. You’re here having a conversation to the world about who you are, how you’d like to impact people, and what you desire to create.

The elements of conversation that Show Up is founded on - stillness, presence, trust, expression, play, courage - will impact every area of your life. Given that you're always having a conversation, with yourself or another, everything you learn along your Show Up journey will be taken with you and become part of you.

This is not a course where you'll learn some techniques to use here and there, only in particular situations. This is an experience in how free, effortless, flowing, alive, powerful and fun life can be.




Week 1: Meeting Yourself

What you'll learn:
- How to effortlessly and deeply ground yourself into stillness and silence, the center of all your creative power, and the foundation for your unique Show Up journey
- The 'you' that is beyond your insecurities, fears, goals and dreams
- That you're not required to relentlessly change your thoughts or feelings to change your reality
- That you don't have to force your way into the world and take manic action day after day to "manifest your dreams"

Week 2: Becoming Present

What you'll learn:
- The greater you learn to experience this moment, the greater each moment becomes
- 'Simplify to amplify.' Decluttering your life, burning to-do list's and letting go of expectations of yourself
- All creation is in the present
- How to find Flow where there's Force

Week 3: Expression

What you'll learn:
- Your voice is valid and worthy
- How to trust your voice and your gut
- That you don't need to hide your truth to 'save' others
- That you'll be loved even when people see your 'flaws' and in fact will actually have greater love for you
- That all parts of you are sacred, there are no 'bad' parts

Week 4: Play

What you'll learn:
- Play is your soul expressing itself
- How the 5 P's of modern society (productivity, progression, profit, performance, and pace) take away from two of the most important P's in your life: play and pleasure. And how activating your play and pleasure can directly improve all other 5 P's.
- That play is as important and as transformational as deep self work

Week 5: Your Comfort Cage

What you'll learn:
- How to open past your comfort zone (or 'cage' as I like to call it) without force and effort
- Why your ego and reptilian brain will sabotage your very own growth for the sake of their survival and what to do about it
- Becoming fun-comfortable in your life (finding fun in the uncomfortable)

Week 6: Masculine and feminine dynamics + Closing Ceremony

What you'll learn:
- When to empty and when to fill up
- Using the principles of masculinity and femininity in conversation to deepen relationships
- Closing ceremony last hour



You will connect to a deep, grounded power, and a flowing freedom that is accessible right now, not tomorrow when you "change all your negative thoughts" and get your vision board right, but right this moment. A power and freedom that is authentic to you, not anyone else.


The following are direct benefits that both myself and clients have received:

- enormous liberation from insecurities
- comfort in who you are (comfort and pride in your skin)
- deep truths are uncovered about one's essence and about what you're meant to be here doing
- a weight off your shoulders is dropped
- relationships that are wildly powerful and life giving beyond what was previously your standard
- confidence and courage
- lightness in the way you move and operate in the world
- the deep resonating confidence to be seen and heard, and to express yourself (whether through voice, art or business)
- new opportunities knocking at your doorstep (especially business collaborations and exposure)
- increased energy
- better sex (more fire, chemistry, connection, feeling, sensation and duration)
- new relationships
- new career paths/strengthened career paths
- a natural and effortless desire to practice a healthier lifestyle



To show up is to bring all of yourself to the table. All of yourself to the conversation, the relationship, the stage, the business.

To ‘show’ is to reveal, display, make visible, expose.
‘Up’ is to elevate, to lift to a higher place.

And so by attending this course you will discover in yourself a higher level of existing and Being that will pulse with power through all of your relationships.

Your relationship to yourself, to others, to food, to your body, changing the way you have sex and and express yourself in the world, how alive and playful you feel, your relationship with God or Spirit, to your children, your business, your passion and your purpose.


• There are 6 spots on this wild journey
• Early bird price: $497 until Wednesday February 15th
• Price thereafter: $587 from Thursday February 16th
• Show Up begins Wednesday March 1st
• Each session goes for 2 hours, from 6-8pm
Where: Port Melbourne

So I invite you (or challenge you if that's what you need) to Show Up to a life that’s more beautiful, free, deep, and powerful than you may think is possible. With less constraints, cages and cuffs.

We create the cage all the while holding the key right there too.

Often it simply involves getting out of your own way and letting the magic that created you, create your life.

I believe what actually blocks us from having everything we want, is our inability to let in and receive the reality of how good it can actually get. As if we have a tolerance or threshold to how much amazement, beauty, love, passion, sex, money, and aliveness we can handle.

So my question to you is...

How good are you willing to let life get?